How To Save Thousands in 2016

For those who are new to Saving Thousand and Robert Palmer, we put together our most popular articles and radio clips that can help you improve your finances in 2016. It is a great place to start your journey with us as we move towards making 2016 a fantastic year providing more advice and information on how, you as the consumer, can have your best financial year ever. Below is a list of our most popular articles broken down by category. We look forward to assisting you in your financial journey and helping you reach your money goals.

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Personal Finance

  1. Does Healthy Have to Be Expensive?
  2. How to Deal With Debt Collectors
  3. The Financial Walking Dead
  4. How to Stay On Track With Your Budget
  5. 11 Ways to Save $1,000 Per Month

Credit and Credit Cards

  1. Balance Transfer: A Good Idea to Pay Off Credit Card Debt?
  2. How To Use Credit Cards to Your Advantage
  3. Canceling a Credit Card Directly Effects Your Credit Score
  4. Definition of Good Credit: Where Do You Rank?
  5. FICO Score, The Only One That Matters?

Home Ownership/ Real Estate

  1. How Much Home Can I Afford?
  2. Low House Appraisal: Is The Deal Off?
  3. Stop Paying Private Mortgage Insurance
  4. Refinancing Your Mortgage and Saving Money on Your Home
  5. The Importance of a Mortgage Pre-Approval

Money Minute

  1. 3 Credit Scores
  2. Consolidating Debt
  3. Finding a Good Interest Rate
  4. Find the Best Credit Card
  5. The Power of Shopping Around

Radio Shows

  1. Zero Balance on Your Credit Card, Does it Help or Hurt?
  2. How to Teach Kids About Money
  3. Don’t Carry a Debit Card
  4. Documents Needed For a Mortgage
  5. How to Shop For a Mortgage

Financial Zombies

  1. How to Identify Financial Scams
  2. Bad Financial Habits Are Hurting Your Children
  3. Stop Using Auto-Pay
  4. The Truth About 0% Financing
  5. How to Identify Bad Credit Card Offers