We all know that if we were to print out all of our receipts for the month, we may come across some disapproving purchases. Spending money on unnecessary buys can be an easy mistake to make- count all those coffee purchases, fast-food runs, and “little buys” you make and you could very well add up to $100 dollars or more a month and have nothing to show for it.

So how do you stay mindful of your spending habits and start saving money? Easy, you start slowly. Saving a little here and there can help you out in the long run. Just by saving an extra $100 dollars a month, you can count on an end of the year incentive of $1200 dollars.

Start Saving $1000 Dollars Per Month

1. Start saving your change.

Make it a point to start saving all of your change into a glass jar. This will not only help you to remember to save, but you will also be able to check your status as the jar gets fuller and fuller.

Approximate savings per month = $10-$20

2. Use coupons when shopping

Many stores go as far as printing a receipt displaying the words “You saved X dollars” today. But it’s not truly savings unless you save it so transfer it over to your savings account immediately.

Approximate savings per month = Anywhere between $10- $100

3. Save your dollar bills

If you tend to carry cash around, put all of your $1 dollar bills from your wallet or purse into a jar. Step up your game by adding all $5 bills into the jar. If you’re a fan of Saving Thousands, you know that Robert Palmer recommends having a total of three months gross pay in your savings account—Rule #10.

Approximate savings per month = $15-$20

4. Be frugal on small purchases

Are you the type who has to stop for a coffee every morning? This can be a financial death trap if you add up that mere $3 dollars a day times 5 days a week. You’re looking at an easy $15 a week savings if you can make your coffee at home. And try using a youtube downloader to save a little money on your music.

Approximate savings per month: $65+/-

5. Pack your lunch

We get it, you’re busy and feel like you don’t have any time to pack a lunch in the mornings. And yes, we know it can be depressing to sit in the break room with your boring ham and cheese sandwich. However, limiting take out lunches to 2-3x per week can save you around $5 to $15 dollars per meal, easily adding up to $100 dollars a month.

Approximate savings per month = $100

6. Add an automatic transfer

Without cutting a single expense you can easily save anywhere from $25- $100 dollars a month just by setting up an automatic transfer each month. The best part? You can choose exactly how much you want to save.

Approximate savings per month = You decide!

7. Refinance your mortgage.

As Robert Palmer suggests for Rule #15, Buy a home with a 30 year mortgage but refinance to a 15 year as soon as financially possibly. Mortgage rates are continuing to decrease and those who financed their homes even just a few years ago can stand to cut a couple of percentage points off their interest rates by refinancing.

8. Break your bad habit

Quit smoking already. We know you are well aware of the financial benefits of quitting. Let’s say you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. At $10 dollars a pack, that means you’re blowing $10 dollars a day, $70 a week and about $3,650 a year on smoking.

Approximate savings per month = $280

9. Have movie night with Redbox.

Date night at the movies can easily add up to $40 dollars if you buy two tickets, popcorn and drinks. On the contrary, Redbox lets you rent movies for $1 per day AND you can pop your own popcorn and get comfortable in your own bed!

Approximate savings per month = $39

10. Wait 3 days before you make a large purchase

Sound familiar? That’s because Saving Thousands Rule #3 suggests you wait at least 3 days before making a purchase. While you’re at it, shop around for that item—Rule #1. You could end up saving loads of cash by pricing it out at more than one store. Our most recent saving thousands contest winner saved $500 dollars by shopping around for a new television.

Approximate savings per month = In this case we’ll say $500

11. Skip the pedicure

Girls we know it’s nice to pamper yourself but did you know your spending more than $60 a month on this simple service that you could do yourself for free? Throw in a manicure or two with it and you’re looking at a good $120 dollars.

Saving money doesn’t have to be a chore. As you start discovering more and more ways to save, you will find that it comes easier as the months pass by. Plus, at the end of the year you’ll have a big fat lump sum to look forward to.