It is a simple way for consumers to save money and find a great deal. Robert Palmer wants you to stop taking a company’s word for it that you are getting the best price and start using this simple method to actually get the best deal for you. Check out these great resources to learn more about how you can shop around!

What does it mean to shop around?

“This is a big one, and this really applies to everything in life. The funny thing is, while I’m a big advocate of actually shopping around, what I’ve learned is just threatening to shop around can really make a big deal as well.

So whether you are trying to buy a car or talking to your cable company, really no matter what you’re doing in life- credit cards, banks- shop around. You don’t know if you’re getting a good deal unless you have something to compare it to. Everyone is going to claim to have a good deal.

By shopping around you do your own research to find who doesn’t. Then, you can tell them you’re shopping around and in most cases, most industries, will give you a better deal because they want to try and keep you’re business. When you tell them- ‘Yeah, I’m you are talking with their competitor over here. Im getting three quotes.’ All of a sudden they are going to sharpen their pencil because they don’t want to lose your business.

But, if you’re a financial zombie and you’re not going to shop around, they’re going to try and take advantage of you. Don’t worry, they absolutely will!”

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