Finding the Best Credit Card for You

Too many consumers get trapped into having a credit card with outrageous fees, interest rates and more. Learn how you can find the right card for you that will meet your needs and steal money right out of your pocket.


“This is a big one, and this covers a couple of rules.

Where You Don’t Shop for a Credit Card

I’ll tell you the worst places to get a credit card. That is in line at a department store. They’re always going to bait you with the instant rebate, but when you look at those cards, the interest rate and the annual fees are through the roof.

If you’re disciplined enough and know you’re going to always pay the card off, life never happens, and you never leave a balance on it. But, they know that’s not going to happen. They know that when you sign up for that card today, you may have all intentions of paying it off every month. But, all of a sudden something goes wrong and money is tight. You carry a balance, now the interest rate is very high.

The Best Place to Shop for a Credit Card

The best place to shop is online. Don’t use one of the shopping sites. All of those actually get paid by the credit card companies. You want to do the research yourself.

You’ll actually get better deals from the banks direct website than you will from some of the aggregators who advertise credit card rates. Because they’re getting paid a commission. That’s the trick.

Call your bank. Call a couple of the big banks. See who has the best deal. Take a look at the annual fee. Take a look at the interest rate. Take a look at the points and bonuses, those things have to be factored in. Line them all up, do a little homework, and pick the card that’s going to be best for you.”

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