RP Funding CEO and host of the Money Minute radio show, Robert Palmer regularly uses his financial expertise to answer viewer questions and offer valuable advice on money saving tips and personal finance goals. Learn how he got where he is today with today’s special Money Minute on the story of Robert Palmer.

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Getting an Early Start in Business

Growing up in Lakeland, Florida, Robert Palmer understood the importance of hard work from an early age. His single mother put in long hours in the real estate industry to provide for the family, making many sacrifices along the way. The family’s financial hardships became a huge motivator for Robert to find success for himself and his loved ones, and then to share that success with his community and anyone else struggling with money.

With that goal in mind, Robert launched his first company — a mortgage brokerage — before he even graduated high school. His determination proved effective and, in his early twenties, a larger company bought Robert’s business and hired him as a well-paid vice president.


Starting Over After the Housing Market Crash

In 2007, the housing market collapsed. Suddenly, the company Robert worked at for years was out of business — and he was out of a job.

Rather than let circumstances keep him down, Robert embraced the change, viewing it as an opportunity. It was then, during one of the worst times for the mortgage industry, that Robert Palmer took one of the biggest risks of his life and launched a new business — RP Funding, a direct mortgage lender.

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Changing the Mortgage Industry Forever

Not only did Robert start a mortgage company in the ashes of the industry, he also decided to go against every norm with his business philosophy. Robert’s vision for his company was to be more than just a lender — he wanted to be a consumer advocate and help others with their finances.

From the start, RP Funding charged zero lender fees. That meant customers could get a great rate on a home loan without having to pay a cent in fees for applications, credit checks, appraisals, etc. Beyond this unique business structure, Robert also invested every penny he could towards extensive marketing campaigns, creating a name for his lending firm that customers recognized and could trust.

During that time, Robert did not buy a new car or a big house. Instead, every dollar he earned was reinvested into more marketing and more growth until RP Funding became one of the top lenders in Central Florida.


Expanding the Robert Palmer Companies Portfolio

Through hard work, learning from failures, and standing up for what he believed in, Robert Palmer built an empire of products and services across the financing, real estate, marketing, title, and technology industries.

Today, the Robert Palmer Companies umbrella includes the award-winning RP Funding, as well as RP Title and Escrow, Listing Power Tools, HomeValue.com, Agent Magazine, RP PrintWorks, Security National Title, and the Saving Thousands Radio Network — heard globally on iHeartRadio and hundreds of radio stations across the Southeastern United States.

The proud owner of the Jacksonville Armada Football Club, Palmer was also honored as the title sponsor of the RP Funding Center in Lakeland, the very same building he sat in for his high school graduation.