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People Are Getting Back Into Real Estate

Are you wondering if now is a good time to purchase a home? Robert Palmer will discuss why now is a great time to buy, what the mortgage rates look like for today’s market, and how you can get pre-approved to purchase your home.

Finding Out the Value Of Your Home

Learn why it’s important, that as a homeowner, you know the accurate value of your home. Plus, how you can find out this information. There are several resources online today that provide false information. Robert will identify where you can find this important information from a resource you can trust, Home Value .

Home Value

Unlike the well-known sites like Zillow or Trulia, Home Value offers a patented process to estimate the value of your home and tends to be the most accurate way to get the value of your home online. has been proven to be more accurate at estimating the value of your home than sites like Zillow or Trulia.

Do You Think It’s Too Hard to Buy a Home?

You’re not alone. Many consumers believe that buying a home is just too difficult and they’re better off renting. This is completely false!

You can actually get the process of buying a home started today!

Personal Finance

Store Credit Cards, Should You Apply

We get the same offer every time we check out at a store, ‘Would you like to sign-up for our credit card for an extra 15% off your purchase today?” The bad part, so many consumers fall for it.

Learn why this is a major trick major credit card companies and department stores use to get you to spend more money. Plus, learn how you can avoid their trick and take advantage of credit cards.

To learn more, check out Robert discussing department store credit cards here: Bully Tactics of Department Store Credit Cards

Refinancing From a 30 Year Mortgage to a 15 is a Must

This is a major financial step that so many consumers AREN’T taking. Learn how refinancing your 30 year mortgage to a 15 is going to save you money.

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