How to Know the Actual Value of Your Home


A computer just simply does not know what your home is worth. We’ve got these server farms in California, at the “big Z” out there, that are giving people all these inaccurate home values and inaccurate information.

Being in financial services, being in real estate I see this all the time. There is a human element that’s required, and so to help normal people out there find out what their home’s are worth, we created the Home Value Hotline as a part of the Saving Thousands Radio Network.

So you can go to You can request a free home valuation, and what happens is, we have a local real estate expert – completely free, no obligation – will do a home evaluation for you.

They look at your home in the tax records. They look at pictures online. There’s a human element involved because they know what the homes in your neighborhood are selling for. They know how important it is to be on this side of the street versus that side of the street because of the school district. And this is all of the stuff that computers don’t know, that a human being does.  I’m

I’ve been so frustrated that people getting wrong information from these online home values, I created the Home Value Hotline where you can get an accurate, real-time, real “what’s going on right now in your neighborhood” value of your home from a local, live real estate expert.

Just go to and click on the Home Value Hotline.